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Companion MALE & FEMALE Puppies - Ready for their
New Homes beginning March 3, 2021 (by appointment)!

ISO Microchipped, Vet Exams, First Shots

Available Male & Female Young Adults (>1 year)
Ready to be your Running Companion this Summer (by appointment)!

Located 40 minutes south of Harrisburg, PA

Microchipped, Vet Health Certificate,
Vaccinated & Dewormed

For first consideration, please email us a completed
Kushinda Interview Sheet!

Yes! All pickups are being scheduled evenings and weekends!

We are following COVID guidelines (i.e., masks, gloves and booties)

Please contact us via a completed Kushinda Interview Sheet as we have several younger adults (from 8 months to 3 years of age) that we are seeking Forever Homes.


Announcing Another Kushinda DUAL CHAMPION

Kushinda's 9th
DUAL CHAMPION - Kushinda's Nelson
finishes April 9, 2017!

Another HUGE Kushinda WIN!

Kushinda's Purple Raine
Takes WD & BOW for a 4 point MAJOR!


Announcing Another Kushinda


"Mr. Edmund"

Kushinda's Setting Sail With The EDMUND Fitzgerald GC

CHIC + Cardiac + DM(N/N) + BAER


Kushinda's 41st
finishes Labor Day Weekend 2016!


at just 4 months & 26 days Kushinda's Klinton

takes Best Beginner Puppy in Show

Your next family companion could be here at
Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks too!

Puppy Photos

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If you might be intersted in adopting a young Kushinda dog, please visit Kushinda's Available Young Dogs.

Please feel free to call me after 7pm EST at 304 216-3617 most any evening to discuss your requirements to see if we have a potentially good match for your adoption for you and your family!

To start our adoption process, please email me your completed Kushinda Interview Sheet. Please read past the puppy photos (further down on this page) where I describe our Adoption Process in greater detail.

We sincerley hope you have enjoyed pictures of our babies! Please check back often as we udpate with new photos as often as we can.

Hi! You have landed on the web page of a 30-year+ breeder! If you are just window shopping, please click here.

If you are serious about adopting a Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgeback (and you have checked with your Significant Other, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, the guy down the street, and anyone else in control of your life) and you have confirmed that your schedule [family reunions, birthdays, vacations, etc.] fits with picking up your puppy in the August timeframe, and you have sufficient time to spend with them these next 10-12 years, please read on!

A young man from Pittsburgh called the other night and after a 15 minute chat, he said “Thank you for providing me all this information. I had no idea how hard you have worked over the years to get the dogs you have.” I told him, that I initially ask the same questions of everyone … “May I ask you a few questions?” “Have you ever owned a Ridgeback?” “Do you have a fenced in yard appropriate for a Ridgeback?” “Are you looking for a puppy or an older Ridgeback?” “Where are you located?” and “When are you interested in adopting?” … to get started.

Both the sire and dam, have all of their Health Clearances. Do you know what those are? Hips, elbows, thyroid, eyes, cardiac and they are clear (N/N) for Degenerative Myelopathy. Do you know which ones are required by RRCUS? Also keep in mind that not only do the puppy’s parents have these Health Clearances, but as a Breeder with a 30-year Breeding Program so do their parents and grandparents. And so do many of their siblings [Kayla, Noah, D’Ante] and aunts and uncles [Gweneth, Walton] and nieces and nephews [Beatrice, Fergie]! We are not an owner with only one or two dogs, but we have an established Breeding Program that allows us the privilege of choosing our breeding stock using very strict requirements and subsequent evalution. We are probably the only kennel that maintains Genetic Pedigrees!

With this approach we are producing very consistent Ridgebacks, both in health, conformation, and temperament. All of these characteristics should be of concern to you and your family. If these attributes (which guarantee Ridgebacks will look and smell and act like Ridgebacks 20 years from now) are not of concern to you, please click here. When you adopt one of our Kushinda Ridgebacks you are reaping the blood, sweat, tears, and 30-years+ of hard work that we have invested to obtain our competitive show, coursing, and therapy dogs. Between 80-85% of our puppies are show quality, placed with you as a Family Pet (that means no contract to show/course so I won’t be looking for you at a dog show!) Since we cannot keep every puppy/dog we look to you as responsible owners to provide those puppies we do not keep or retired older dogs forever loving homes! As you can image, you become part of our Kushinda Family and our dedication to preserving the “true functioning” Rhodesian Ridgeback.

In order to do this in the most efficient way, we use a tool to gather your requirements to ensure a good match between what you want, what you are capable of handling, and what we may have available. This tool is our Kushinda Interview Sheet.

I always encourage you to look over our Health Guarantee and Contract BEFORE completing our Kushinda Interview Sheet and emailing it back to me as an attachment. Keep in mind our Contract it is a set of guidelines. I work full time, I show, I course, I judge and as I care for a maintain our kennel (my first job) so I do not have time to come and bang on your front door to make sure you are feeding the dog food we recommend. But I wish to provide you with some key recommendations/guidelines (what/when to vaccinate, when to spay/neuter, what to feed, etc.) to ensure you have a positive experience with one (or two) of our Kushinda Ridgebacks!

NOTE: ONLY IF you are seriously serious (you've deliberated) in adopting a puppy or older dog, please email us at Kushinda@pobox.com with all of your contact information. You should also try to email us a completed Interview Sheet ASAP to schedule your pick-up visitation/appointment. Thank you in advance! For tips on how to complete our Kushinda Interview, please visit our Jokes page!

In the past 3 months I have fielded calls from owners who have had their Ridgebacks hit by cars and killed. One lady even remarked that she did not know that Ridgebacks were sighthounds. Her puppy was only 8 months old. Her breeder never bothered to dicuss the Ridgeback in detail. At Kushinda, we strive to provide you enough information so that you can make an informed decsion in adopting a Ridgeback. Ask yourself, do you have an appropriate environemnt (i.e., fenced in yard) for a Ridgeback? If you are not sure, please contact us to discuss.

To start our adoption process ==>

    1. Be sure you have a fenced in yard appropriate for a Ridgeback!
    2. Read through our Breeder/New Owner Contract and Health Guarantee for Pet Quality Puppy/Dog on our Relevant Documents page.
    3. Download and read our "educationally interactive" New Puppy/Dog Owner's Interview/Application Form on our Relevant Documents page.
    4. At this time, please feel free to browse about our Kushinda Web Site, most all of your questions can be answered by doing so!
    5. Then please email Kushinda@pobox.com with Subject: "Kushinda 2016 Spring Puppy" and let us know in your email what qualities you are looking for:
      • a male/female puppy,
      • show/pet quality,
      • ridged/ridgeless (We appreciate all Ridgebacks at Kushinda, so we do not kill ridgeless pups as other so-called breeders do), our Kushinda ridgeless puppies are just as sweet, playful, smart, healthy and loving as their ridged brothers and sisters
      • where you are located, and
      • your phone number?
    6. IF you are seriously interested in adopting a Kushinda Puppy/Dog, please go ahead and attach your completed Interview/Application Form to your email to set up a telephone appointment to discuss the adoption (i.e., your fenced in yard, Interview Sheet, family lifestyle) and to schedule your meet-and-greet, near Chambersburg, PA!

Please note that our Adoption Process has been used for nearly 30 years and serves both your welfare in obtaining that “perfect” puppy/dog and the well being of our Kushinda puppy/dog. We use your answers to identify a match with an available puppy/dog. Consider your investment in spending the effort to follow our recommendations as part of your continued research endeavor in finding your first/next Rhodesian Ridgeback. Our goal is to place one puppy/dog, one time, with one owner, for one entire lifetime. Your cooperation is very much appreciated! Remember, you are initating a life changing event with your new/next Kushinda Ridgeback and we will be there 24/7 to address all of your questions throughout your Kushinda Ridgeback’s lifetime! Yes, when your 12 year old Kushinda Ridgeback throws up in your kitchen in the middle of the night, we expect you to contact us - as we will be there throughout those geriatric years as well. Once we have completed your New Puppy/Dog Owner's Interview/Application Form you will be encouraged to join our Yahoo! Kushnda List to meet previous/current Kushinda Ridgeback Owners. Best wishes in your search! Kimma & Kammi

Oh! What A Year 2006 Coursing was ...

and how 'bout the show ring?

What were we up to in 2010?

What were we up to in 2005?

Please email Kushinda@pobox.com for details!

OK,let's meet some of our recent Kushinda Ridgeback owners from 2014!

We also have younger/older retired Kushinda Ridgebacks (some Championed) looking for loving Forever Homes (and others not listed below)! Please contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment to visit and adopt the perfect matched Kushinda Ridgeback for you and your family! "Running partners ready to go!"

Kushinda Interview Sheet

Please call me directly at 304 216-3617 to discuss the adoption of an older Kushinda Ridgback!

Please email Kushinda@pobox.com for details!!!

Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks

win the Coveted 2011 ASFA II Gillette Cup !!!!!


under Judges Russ Jacobs (Kansas, Region 5) and Jack Downing (Texas, Region 4)
with an entry (as announced on 04.28.11) of 309 sighthounds

Another Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgeback CHAMPION is in the books!

Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks also
take another BEST OF BREED
at the 2011 ASFA International Invitation !!!!


under Judges Don Ewing (Pennsylvania, Regin 8) and Les Pekarski (Georgia, Region 7)

to bring home the Ida Trophy

Kushinda also takes 2nd and 3rd in
the Field Champion Class on 05.15.11 with

Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks also
win both the Breeder Stakes and Kennel Stakes both days

under Saturday's Judges Katie Kaltenborn (Kentucky, Region 6) and Kathy Nelson (Minnesota, Region 5) and
Sunday's Judges Don Ewing (Pennsylvania, Regin 8) and Les Pekarski (Georgia, Region 7)

Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks also proudly

announce our 5th CHIC Ridgeback !

Your next family companion is here at Kushinda!

Please email Kushinda@pobox.com for details!!!

For RRCUS Breeders ONLY!

Dan-Dee' takes another
at Timonium 04.24.11
for a 3 point MAJOR
out of the BBE class!

Show photos curtesy Mike Desmond (future Kushinda owner)

under Judge Jon Simm at Baltimore County Kennel Club

Dan-Dee' takes
at York 03.20.11
for a 3 point MAJOR
out of the BBE class!!

under Judge Joe Walton at Delaware County Kennel Club
Dan-Dee' will be running on May 30 to complete his Junior Courser title in Hanover, PA
Also watch for Dan-Dee' at the Timonium and Old Dominion shows!

Dan-Dee's littermates are:
Watch for KUSHINDA'S BURNER, JC in Marietta, OH (needs 4 singles)

Next sibiling out with Karrie ==> KUSHINDA'S FALKON, JC

Breeders: Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner, Kimma B. Hefner, Karrie Dee Hefner & Patricia A. Weiland

Kushinda's Kayla presented by Karrie
at Timonium 04.24.11

Candid show photos by Mike Desmond (future Kushinda owner)

FIELD CHAMPION Kushinda's Presents takes
at UCBSC ASFA Trial Saturday 04.09.11

at UCBSC ASFA Trial Sunday 04.10.11

Cheetah turning in mid-flight!

DUAL CHAMPION Kushinda's Jessica QUALIFIES for the
ASFA II (May 14-15, 2011 Leesburg, VA) Gillette Stake

ALL of the following are eligibility requirements for the Gillette Stake ==>

  • x Has an AKC or foreign bench championship
  • x Proof is submitted with entry form
  • x Is an ASFA Field Champion
  • x Has earned 20 ASFA points in the 12-month period preceding 04/27/2011
  • x Is entered in the Field Champion or Veteran Stake on Saturday, 04/27/2011

Gillette Stake – Saturday Only The competition will be run following the same procedures as Best in Field.
The eligible hound in each breed that receives the highest qualifying combined score during competition
in the Field Champion or VeteranStake on Saturday will be randomly drawn to run in the Gillette Stake.

UCBSC ASFA Trial Saturday 04.09.11


CHAMPION Kushinda's Ginger (left) QUALIFIES for the
ASFA II (May 14-15, 2011 Leesburg, VA) Bench Stake out of OPEN

UCBSC ASFA Trial Saturday 04.09.11


FIELD CHAMPION Kushinda's Takoma will also join us at the
ASFA II (May 14-15, 2011 Leesburg, VA) out of the Veteran Stake

UCBSC ASFA Trial Saturday 04.09.11

"Hey! That's my bunny ...

... and it sure was yummy!"

Please check with us about our schedule, as these are excellent opportunities for you to come and meet us, our Kushinda Ridgebacks, to see the puppies and to watch lure coursing! Please contact me at Kushinda@pobox.com to make an appointment.

Please email Kushinda@pobox.com for details!!!

Oh! What A Year 2006 Coursing was ...

and how 'bout the show ring?

What were we up to in 2010?

What were we up to in 2005?

Kushinda is proud to be breeding healthy Ridgebacks that DO what Ridgebacks were bred to DO!

Be sure to ask us for your copy of the 2006 Kushinda Lure Coursing DVD
when you ask about obtainig your Kushinda puppy!

At this time it's a good idea to read more Kushinda Philosophies to answer many of your questions.

If you are seriously interested in a Kushinda Puppy/Dog, please visit Kushinda's Relevant Documents page. Download the Interview Sheet and Sample Contract. Read each document. Complete the Interview Sheet and contact us to discuss the adoption.

If you might be intersted in adopting a young Kushinda dog, please visit Kushinda's Available Young Dogs.

History of the Ridgeback

"The Rhodesian Ridgeback was developed in Rhodesia by the Boer Farmers. He was bred to survive the rigors of harsh country and climate where the fittest survived. He had to be easy to care for and inexpensive to maintain. The Boer required a good hunting dog with stamina to travel long distances over varied terrain to locate game. Once the game was sighted, the dog had to have enough remaining endurance to, in the case of large dangerous game (lions and the like), corner it and be agile enough to escape injury while holding the quarry at bay."¹ After the hunt however, the Boer expected his dog to remain at his side as a loyal companion, on guard constantly protecting not only his family but his livestock and property as well.

At The Lion Hounds of Kushinda, we strive to produce this "fully-Functional Ridgeback" that is able to demonstrate the requirments of the Boer Farmer, by avidly competing in agility, conformation, lure coursing, obedience, and tracking; as well as serving mankind as registered Therapy Dogs.

¹ The Rhodesian Ridgeback by Diane Jacobsen.

Download a 3 page brochure on the History of the RR [an MS Word 97 (3469KB) .doc file] or
download a much smaller JPG file [a JPG file (978KB) .jpg file]

At Kushinda we place each puppy in a suitably matched home.

You are the person to visit Kushinda!