Kushinda's 2006 Dog Show, Lure Coursing
& Judging Schedule

"The Fully-Functional Rhodesian Ridgeback"
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Our current 2006 Dog Show, Lure Coursing & Judging Schedule includes:

Feb 25 - Match Judging Mason Dixon Kennel Club (Hagerstown, MD)
Feb 26 - Lure Coursing Practice (Chambersburg, PA)

March 4-5 - Tortise & Hare Lure Coursing AKC Test/Trial Hanover, PA Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]

March 9-12 - 4 Dog Shows (Poppy, Jean-Boy, Noah, Cecil, Dun-Dee' & Gracie) Magic Valley & Blenerhassett KCs (Marietta, OH)
[Total Breed #Regular Class Dogs - #Regular Class Bitches (Best of Breed (Variety) (Dogs-Bitches)) and #Non-Regular Class Dogs or Bitches]

Thursday, 9th Results Kammi
11 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2-4(4-1)0
Poppy (Reserve Winners Dog), Dun-Dee'

Friday, 10th Results Kammi & Pat
13 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 3-5(4-1)0
Jean-Boy (Reserve Winners Dog), Gracie (WB, BOS, 2 pts), Dun-Dee'

Saturday, 11th Results Kammi, Pat & Karrie
20 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 6-8(5-1)0
Noah (BW, 3pt MAJOR!), Gracie (3 pt MAJOR!), Dun-Dee'

Sunday, 12th Results Kammi & Pat
16 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 4-7(4-1)0
Cecil, Gracie (WB, 2 pts), Dun-Dee'

March 25-26 - 2 Dog Shows - Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association (Showing ONLY Saturday Results - Stewarding Sunday) (Pittsburgh, PA) Kammi & Dun-Dee' THANKS Marge!

March 29 - MDKC Attend Ike's Class and Meet Melaine & Bodi
March 30 Kammi working in McLean, VA (arrive the 29th)

April 8 - Kammi RR Sweeps Judge Results (Fredericksburg, VA)
April 9 - Lure Coursing Practice at Hanover Show Farms @ Noon (bring Wedding Gift & Pot Luck Dish)
April 13-16 - 4 Dog Shows Lebanon County, Chambersburg, Harrisburg & Mason Dixon KCs (Harrisburg, PA)

Gracie finished her AKC Championship on April 14, 2006 at 15 months.

April 14 - Kammi judging [an MS Word (57KB) .doc file] Shar-Pei Specialty Match (Friday evening)
April 15-16 - Lure Cousing GVFRRC Kammi & Karrie Results Sat and Kammi Sun
April 15 - Kammi judging Non-Sporting at Blue & Gray Cluster Match (Saturday evening)
April 16 - Kimma & Karrie working Mason Dixon Kennel Club Dog Show as Club Members
April 22 - Kammi RR Sweeps Judge Old Dominion Kennel Club (Timonium, MD) Results
April 23 - 1 Dog Show Baltimore County Kennel Club Results (Timonium, MD) Kammi & Kimma
April 24 - 1 Dog Show Catoctin Kennel Club Results (Timonium, MD) Kammi & Kimma
April 27 - Lure Coursing Practice at Hanover Show Farms @ 5:00pm
April 30 - 2 Dog Shows Penn Treaty (Ludwigs Corner,PA ) Pat

May 6-8 - 3 Dog Shows Bucks County Kennel Club (Erwinna, PA) Pat
May 6-7 - CHAMP ASFA Lure Coursing Trial (Leesburg, VA) Roll Call @ 8:30am
May 7 - 2 Dog Shows Baltimore County Kennel Club (W Windsor Twp, NJ) Pat
May 12 - 1 Dog Show Pocono Mountain Kennel Club (Gilbert, PA) Kammi & Karrie & Pat
May 13 - 1 Dog Show Chester Valley Kennel Club (Ludwigs Corner, PA) Kammi & Karrie
May 14 - 1 Dog Show Lancaster Kennel Club (Lancaster, PA) Kammi & Karrie
May 13-14 - 2 Dog Shows Mid-Atlantic Hound Association MAHA (Raleigh, NC) NOT
May 20 - 1 Dog Show Mattaponi Kennel Club (Manassas, VA) Karrie & Pat
May 20-21 - 2 Dog Shows St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel Club (St. Clairsville, OH) Kammi
May 25-29 - 5 Dog Shows Trumbell, New Castle, Butler, Trumbell & New Castle KCs (New Castle, PA) Kammi
May 27-28 - Mason Dixon Ibizan Hound Club ASFA Trial Hanover, PA Premium List NOT Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]
May 27-28 - North Coast Coursers Freedom Township, OH (Ravenna 44266 or Windham 44288) Premium List [a PDF (146KB) .pdf file]

June 1-4 - 4 Dog Shows Middle Peninsula & Charlottesville (Charlottesville, VA) Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]
June 9-11 - 2 Dog Shows Agathon & Mckinley Kennel Club, (Canton, OH) Kammi

Finishing their AKC Junior Courser titles at CHAMP June 4th, 2006
are 3 of the Walton litter: (7th generation Kushinda dogs):

Magnolia finished her AKC & ASFA Field Championships! She finished her AKC Field Championship on June 4th, 2006, taking her second 5pt major (w/12 dogs in competition)! She earned her first 5pt major at GVFRRC. She finished in only 6 Trials!

June 10-11 - MKC Fundamentals Seminar (Morgantown, WV)
June 17-18 - Tortise & Hare Lure Coursing AKC Test/Trial Hanover, PA Kammi Judging Premium List
June 22-25 - Mountaineer Dog Shows (Stewarding 06.22-23 - Showing 06.24-25) (Waynesburg, PA)

July 1-2-3 - Tortise & Hare Lure Coursing ASFA Trial Hanover, PA Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]

Marquis finished his ASFA Field Championship on July 3rd, 2006 at THLC!

July 1-2 - 2 Dog Shows Bushy Run Kennel Club (Vandergrift, PA) Karrie & Kammi
July 6-9 - 4 Dog Shows Catoctin, Northeastern Maryland, Upper Marlboro, National Capital KCs (West Friendship, MD)
July 15-16 - 2 Dog Shows Shawnee Kennel Club (Berryville, VA) Kammi, Karrie & Pat
July 22-23 Upper Chesapeake Bay Saluki Club ASFA Trial Hanover, PA Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]

Magnolia WON the WINSTON CHALLENGE CUP (right) on July 23rd, 2006 at the Upper Chesapeake Bay Saluki Club's ASFA Grand Prix. The WINSTON CHALLENGE CUP was donated by "Friends of Winston" in honor of DC Bridon's Sir Winston of Orion CDX, SC, FCH, the first RR ASFA Field Champion. She also won the ASLAN TROPHY (left) at DASH October 2005.

August 3-6 - 4 Dog Shows & Shar-Pei Sweeps Judge (Canfield, OH)
August 11-13 Harrisburg Dog Shows (Cecil & Tessa)

3 Winners Bitch awards in a row, 2 Best of Winners & 1 Best Opposite Sex all in one Weekend !

Penn Ridge 08.11.06 under Ms. Celeste M. Gonzalez for 2 points (Presented by Karrie Dee Hefner)

Penn Ridge 08.12.06 under Mrs. Anne D. Bolus for 2 points (Presented by Kimma B Hefner)

Penn Ridge 08.12.06 under Mrs. Anne D. Bolus for 1 point - over Specials! (Presented by Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner)
Tessa - Kushinda's Ark Action, JC

August 12-13 JRRWA AKC Lure Coursing Pennsville, NJ Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]
August 19-20 MDIHC ASFA Lure Coursing

August 26-27 CHAMP AKC Lure Coursing Kammi Judging

September 2-3-4 - Mason Dixon Ibizan Hound Club AKC Test/Trial Hanover, PA Hanover Trials [an MS Word (23KB) .doc file]

September 16-17 - 2 Dog Shows Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club (Judging Match & Showing) (Weston, WV) Kammi Judging
September 24 - CBARRC Herding Test (Keepstone Farm, Berryville, VA)

October 20-22 - 3 Dog Shows Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club (Cumberland, MD)
October 21 - Kammi RR Sweeps Judge (Cumberland, MD)

November 11 - CCBARC Fun Day


PS Also meet us at RRCUS Specialties too!

Please note: If you own or co-own a dog with Kammi Kai Hefner, you will NOT be permitted to exhibit that dog on the day before Kammi has a Sweeps judging assignment or on the day Kammi has a Sweeps judging assignment (this does not include matches). If you have any questions about this, please call Kammi's Home 304 825-6105. This eliminates any conflicts of interest that could arise. Thank you for your coorperation in this matter!

If you are interested in keeping up with Lure Coursing events, Ridgeback Owners are Welcome to join the Rhodesian Ridgeback Lure Coursing Discussion List (RR-Coursing) sponsored by The Lion Hounds of Kushinda! This RR-Coursing List is for owners of Ridgebacks who have a desire to particiapte with their Ridgeback in the Lure Coursing performance event. This is a discussion group for you to share experiences, ask any and all questions, and post information about your coursing Ridgeback. We talk about getting started (nutrition, conditioning, equipment, and practice), schedules, upcoming events, Top Ten Standings, running strategies, rule change proposals, judging techniques (not judges), lure operation (not lure operators), the "release and retrieve," and much much more! From the List Center we have made available to you: Post a Message, Bookmarks, Shared Files (a place to find Premium Lists) and the Archives. Please visit RR-Coursing and ask to join today!

If you plan on meeting us at an event, please call Kammi's Cell 304 216-3617 and CONFIRM that we are going!

Please check back often, as we will continually update this schedule as new information becomes available and we adjust our goals and objectives.

If you would be interested in meeting Kushinda "up close and in person," please contact us to join the Kushinda-List (a Ridgeback discussion list) to monitor our schedule and talk with other Kushinda owners. We would love to meet you!

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