A Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgeback

2006 Kushinda String of Show Dogs

Pictures reflect recent wins or were taken 02.25.06

"The Fully-Functional Rhodesian Ridgeback"
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2006 Kushinda String of Show Dogs

Bewitched - Kushinda's Bewitching Hour of the Veldt, JC
Shown out the BBE Class - here is Bewitched taking a 2-point BOS Win over two Specials on May 21st, 2006 under Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter!
Bewitched also took WB at the Altoon KC Show 09.10.06 under Mrs. Lenora Riddle.

Cecil - MBIF FC Kushinda's Bronze Star, JC, SC, FCH
Cecil picked up 2 more points under Mrs. Anne D. Bolus at Penn Ridge on August 12th, 2006.

Dun-Dee' - DC Kushinda's c Burned Veldt, JC, SC, MC, FCH
Watch for Dun-Dee' at Berryville on July 15th, 2006.

Erin - Kushinda's Good Night Erin UK, JC
Erin finished her JC on 08.27.06 at CHAMP & has two legs towards
her SC from the MDIHC's 2006 Labor Day Weekend Trials.

Greater Philidelphia 11.18.05 under Mr. Randy Garren

Majic Valley 03.10.06 under James E. Frederiksen

Baltimore County 04.23.06 under Thomas L. Kirstein

Pocono Mountain 05.12.06 under Ms. Shelley Hennessy

Chester Valley 05.13.06 under Mr. Michael Sosne

Gracie - CHAMPION Kushinda's Graceful Praire Rose HAC

presented by Patricia A. Wieland & Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner

Jean-Boy' - Kushinda's Good Knight Jean-Boy' UK, JC
Jean-Boy' has two legs towards
his SC from CHAMP's 08.26-27.06 at CHAMP Trials.

Kaleekee - Kushinda's As Fast As I Can BB, JC

Majic Valley 03.11.06 under Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin

Noah - Kushinda's Noah Generation, JC, SC
Chamberburg 04.14.06 under Mr. Eugene Blake
presented by Karrie Dee Hefner

Noah finished his SC on 09.04.06 at the MDIHC's 2006 Labor Day Weekend Trials.

Poppy - Kushinda's Good Knight Polonius UK, JC, SC
Polonius finished his SC on 09.04.06 at the MDIHC's 2006 Labor Day Weekend Trials.

Majic Valley 03.11.06 under William Cunningham for 1 point

Bushy Run 07.01.06 under Ms. Shelley S. Hennessy for 2 points

Red Alvira - Kushinda's Good Night Red Alvira UK

3 Winners Bitch awards in a row, 2 Best of Winners & 1 Best Opposite Sex all in one Weekend !

Penn Ridge 08.11.06 under Ms. Celeste M. Gonzalez for 2 points (Presented by Karrie Dee Hefner)

Penn Ridge 08.12.06 under Mrs. Anne D. Bolus for 2 points (Presented by Kimma B Hefner)

Penn Ridge 08.12.06 under Mrs. Anne D. Bolus for 1 point - over Specials! (Presented by Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner)
Tessa - Kushinda's Ark Action, JC

Walton - Kushinda's Good Knight Walton UK

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