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Because of the number of Puppy Mills in the state of Pennsylvania, there has now been a law passed in 1997, called the Puppy Lemon Law (Dog Purchasers Protection Act), that provides guidelines for conducting business in the exchange of a puppy, for both the Breeder and the New Owner. This was done under the aspices of Consumer Protection. This information is located on the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs web site in its original form.

However, due to dynamic state of the Internet, we have also provided you a copy of this information as saved under the Kushinda Web Site (to guarantee its existance in the future). So, if the orioginal links do not work, please access the COPIED information. With the exception of the formatting, none of the text has been changed in any manner. The Kushinda's Breeder/New Owner Contract and Health Guarantee also contains a complete copy of all of this information.

Any transaction done in the state of Pennsylvania is goverened by Senate Bill 182.

THE PUPPY LEMON LAW IS NOW THE LAW OF PENNSYLVANIA!!! The Governor signed the legislation June 25, 1997. Act 27 of 1997 took effect August 24, 1997.

If you are planning on purchasing a puppy in PA, here is what you need to know: original source or COPY!
Notice of Your Rights!

If you do not receive information about the Dog Purchaser Protection Act when you buy your puppy from a licensed kennel or if you do not see information about the Law posted in a place selling puppies, you should immediately contact the PA Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Division at 800-441-2555. Then, please drop us a note to let us know your experience with the new Law. You may also call the Consumer Protection Division for a copy of their brochure Facts for Puppy Buyers. PA Licensed Veterinarians can contact the office for a copy of their brochure Facts for Veterinarians.

The Dog Purchaser Protection proposal was reintroduced in the 1997 session by PA Senator Stewart Greenleaf (R-Montgomery) as Senate Bill 182. Representative Pat Carone's (R-Butler) companion bill (HB386) (original source or COPY) in the PA House of Representatives passed the full House by an overwhelming majority on March 18! S.182 passed the full Senate unanimously on May 13, and passed the House Consumer Affairs Committee in early June. Apparently, the entire House passed S.182 on Wednesday, June 11. The Governor put his signature to it on June 25, 1997. Congratulations to Senator Greenleaf and all the dog people of PA who worked so hard for this day!! Here is the text of Act 27 as signed by the Governor (original source or COPY).

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