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Kimma Hefner

Kammi Hefner

Karrie Hefner

General Information

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The Foundation of Kushinda

(Pictured left to right: Rahisi, Kimma, Kimali, and Amanda Dee Sue)

OWNERS: Kimma B. Hefner (pictured) POB 21 Chambersburg, PA 17201 (717) 267-2030

OWNERS: Kammi Kai Hefner POB 804 Fairmont, WV 26554 (304) 825-6105

FOUNDED: Kushinda's Kennel was founded in 1983 by Mrs. Kimma B. Hefner. Kammi Kai Hefner joined in ownership in 1989.

LOCATIONS: Kimma's kennel resides in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

LOCATIONS: Kammi's kennel resides on 5 acres in Fairmont, West Virginia.

MISC: Kimma and Kammi co-own all of Kushinda Ridgebacks together and equally share in the management responsibilities of each dog's career. This unique set of checks and balances affords each dog the opportunity to prove himself not only in the conformation and obedience rings, but also on the lure coursing and agility course, all the while demonstrating his capacity for companionship and love to others as registered Therapy Dogs!

About The Lion Hounds of Kushinda Kennels

Kushinda was founded in 1983 with Kimma's purchase of our first Rhodesian Ridgeback High Tor's Amanda Dee Sue. As a hobby kennel our selective breeding program has since produced the #1 and #2 Lure Coursing dogs for AKC/ASFA 1996. All these years of dedication to the breed have been well invested!

Overall, Kimma has been the focal point of Kushinda; until 1989 when Kammi joined forces.

Kushinda's Mission Statement

Kushinda strives to produce the "fully-Functional performance Rhodesian Ridgeback" by continuing our own education ission, selectively breeding only top specimens of the breed, providing an appropriate environment for both physical and mental development of each dog, managing each dog's performance career (goals/objectives are done bi-annually), encouraging and providing the means for each dog to earn their Versatility Certificate, instilling correct training methods, ensuring proper conditioning, and caring for the geriatric retired show dog.

From cradle to grave, Kushinda meets the needs of each dogs and encourages them to reach their fullest potential!

Kushinda's Goals

Kushinda employs the Franklin Quest management system to establish values and goals for our kennel and each dog. Listed below are some of those goals.

  • Promote the Rhodesian Ridgeback as a Fully-Functional Performance dog,

    • To date, 5/97, Kushinda has produced dogs with the following titles: 3 Dual Champions (DC); 2 Versatility Certificates (VC), 18 Confirmation Champions (CH); 52 AKC/ASFA Lure Coursing titles (JC, SC, FC, FCh, LCMs); 8 Registered Therapy Dogs (TDI); 6 AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) certificates; 5 obedience Companion Dog (CD) titles; 1 obedience Companion Dog excellence (CDX) title ; 3 dogs ready for Agility competition & 1 dog ready for Tracking.

    • These stats include any dog that a) includes the Kushinda name as part of their American Kennel Club registered name, b) has a sire and/or dam registered with the Kushinda name and/or c) is owned/bred by Kimma, Kammi, and/or Karrie Hefner.

  • Provide public education,

    • Kushinda dogs march in 5-7 parades a year. This is allows the general public to witness a healthy, well behaved "lion" dog in action and to ask questions about the breed.

    • We currently maintain an accurate database of Ridgeback pedigrees on CompuPeds that we would be willing to share. We will also provide a free pedigree for someone if their dog is in our database.

    • We actively participate in dog-related Informational Booths setup for the general public.

  • Demonstrate the Ridgeback's sighthound abilities,

    • The Ridgeback was just recently recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) to lure course. Kushinda appreciates all the efforts of those individuals responsible for pursuing this recognition. On their behalf, Kushinda dogs will continue the endeavor to provide ample evidence Ridgebacks are truly qualified to participate in this performance event!

  • Ensure all puppies remain with their original owner,

    • At Kushinda we go to extreme measures to ensure each puppy is appropriately matched with his/her new owner. In addition to a personal interview and checking references, One of the tools we use to evaluate the potential of a good home is our Our New Puppy/Dog Owner's Interview/Application Form. As you can see this 9 age instrument goes to great length to gather pertinent information in evaluating a potential new owner.

    • Section XIII of our Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder/New Owner Contract and Health Guarantee, states, "New Owner agrees that if at any time he is unable to keep said animal due to change in his circumstances and are forced to seek a new owner for said animal; then at that time New Owner agrees to notify Breeder in writing by registered mail. Breeder has first option of receiving said animal as its new owner before anyone else; and that will be the Breeder's choice."

    • Our Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder/New Owner Contract and Health Guarantee also states that "If you had to relocate, would you find a dwelling that allowed dogs? Yes No If No, do you understand that the dog MUST be returned to Kushinda?"

    • Our Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder/New Owner Contract and Health Guarantee also states that "Do you understand that in the event you are forced to give-up the puppy/dog, that you are required to notify Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks and you MUST return the puppy/dog to Kushinda?

    • All of the instruments are designed to gather information that will assist us in understanding your requirements and in selecting the right Kushinda puppy/dog for you and/or your family. This process provides the basis for establishing a life long relationship with your puppy/dog?

  • Allow each individual dog to develop both mentally and physically

    • Each dog is given ample opportunity to discover their strengths and weaknesses. From this evaluation a Versatility Sheet is created indicating when each dog should obtain a certain title. From his sheet their entire career is planned. This includes all the activities leading up to earning a title (i.e., socialization, nutrition, training, conditioning, breeding, campaigning, and retirement).

Therapy at Kushinda

Mary-Lynn at Therapy

Mary-Lynn Visiting with Nursing Home Resident

At Kushinda, we strive to produce a "fully-Functional Ridgeback" that is able to compete in the conformation and obedience rings, in lure coursing and agility trials, in tracking tests; and to serve mankind as registered Therapy Dogs. Truly the test of the Functional Ridgeback is the ability to demonstrate his capacity for companionship and love to others in need! Currently, Kushinda Dogs are responsible for nearly 1000 individual therapy visits a year! It is indeed a special dog that will hunt the lion and kiss the face of a stranger ...

Kushinda Registered Therapy Dogs:

  • CH Mshindaji's Rahisi Kushinda, JC, TDI
  • CH Kushinda's Yuppie Puppie, TDI
  • ptd. Kushinda's Crowd Pleaser, SC, TDI
  • CH Kushinda's Rahula Daktari, JC, CGC/TDI
  • CH Kushinda's Rahisi Kou-Zack’, CGC/TDI
  • ptd. Kushinda's Rahisi TikTok Jasri, SC, CD, FCh, CGC/TDI
  • FC Kushinda's Secret Spice, CGC/TDI
  • ptd. Kushinda's Yuppie Buddie, SC, FCh, CGC/TDI

About Kimma Beth Hefner

Kimma's picture

Showing dogs has always been a primary hobby of mine. I became interested in Miniature Schnauzer’s when my daughters were little. I purchased my first Miniature Schnauzer in 1966. Being a coated breed, grooming came next. Misty was my first Miniature Schnauzer and with her I started learning about the obedience ring as well as the show ring. My nursing experience helped prepare me for the breeding program that I started and thus Kemner Miniature Schnauzers.

Misty’s puppy, Britches, became Kammi’s first titled dog. She showed her in Junior Showmanship and put a CD title on her in 1975. As the girls got older I purchased a Bedlington Terrier for each of them: Dee Dee and Spirit. They became very accomplished in grooming and in Junior Handling. I continued with the Miniature Schnauzers and showed Gus in conformation & gained my first title in obedience by putting a CD on him. The Bedlington Dee Dee became our first Conformation Champion. Kammi and I both showed her.

I learned a lot about grooming, showing, clubs and breeding with the Miniature Schnauzers. I never breed the Bedlingtons. And my last Schnauzer died at the age of 16 in 1994.

At that time there was no Kennel Club or training classes offered in the Clarksburg, WV area. So with the Schnauzers, at hand, I became instrumental in the formation of the Harrison County Kennel Club, now known as the Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club. I made arrangements for the Mountaineer Kennel Club’s obedience instructor, Dr. Bill Thayne to come to our area to teach obedience classes. Along with the people that attended those first classes held at the 4-H barn, we eventually formed the Kennel Club on June 26, 1974. The Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club went on to hold its first AKC show in 1980 and today holds two shows a year. I moved to PA in 1981 and still support the shows by attending. Dr. Bill Thayne is now an AKC Representative.

In 1981 I moved from WV to PA and at that time I purchased my 1st Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dog for protection. I had been researching the breed since 1976. I named her Amanda Dee Sue (she is pictured on the right in the Kushinda Foundation picture above). I purchase her from Mrs. Ellis of High Tor Kennels in Ohio. Gail had bred her Champion bitch Amber (whose dam was a 2x specialty winner) to the very famous stud dog “The Kennelmaster” of Kimani fame, owned by Alicia Mohr.

Upon getting Sue, I soon learned that she was not as fond of the show ring as I was. Being a very anxious new owner I had her in the ring at 6 months. My first encounter with Sue and the “Ridgeback Group” was at a match at Ellicott City, in Maryland. I had taken Sue down to a match and was greeted at the gate with, “Oh, this is the little black bitch!” Apparently Sue had something going for her that I, at the time, was unaware of. There was a definitely an interest in this Ridgeback by the Ridgeback. community. Sue went on to take an impressive RWB at the Old Dominion show under E. Symenski, but I was never able to get that final major on her. So we are going for the ROM instead. Sue’s first litter was Kushinda’s first litter. At Kushinda we have done very limited breeding. We have set our goals for a fully functional Rhodesian Ridgeback, working our dogs in conformation, obedience, lure coursing, agility, therapy and citizenship. We concentrate more on the accomplishments of the dog and less on populating the world with Ridgebacks.

from Kimma at Kushinda

Email Kimma at hefnerk@cvn.net

About Kammi Kai Hefner

Kammi's picture goes here

Kammi witnessed the birth of her first Rhodesian Ridgeback on February 20, 1989 when Kushinda's Crowd Pleaser, SC was born in Kimma's bedroom. Since then she has been instrumental to the Kushinda Team by:
  • providing an excellent environment for puppies to be socialized through her Kanine Therapy Program.
  • providing the inspiration for Kushinda to pursue AKC Lure Coursing Judging.
  • designing/creating the on-line Kushinda Kennel Book (KKB)

During the campaign season Kammi is responsible for monitoring judges, filling out/sending directions to the trials/shows. Kimma is in charge of the food and we always have plenty to share with friends!

Kammi is currently a member of RRCUS and the Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club (GCKC). For the GCKC she is chair/co-chair of the following committees:

  • Membership,
  • Lure Coursing,
  • Publicity, and
  • Webmaster!

and she is the Education Liaison to the AKC.

To learn more about Kammi, please visit her personal home page.

Email Kammi at Kammi@pobox.com

About Karrie Dee Hefner

Karrie's picture goes here

Though Karrie is not an extremely active member of Kushinda, Kimma & Kammi could not get along without her. As shown in this Junior Showmanship picture Karrie has been involved in showing dogs since childhood. She is handling a Bedlington Terrier named Dee Dee (who eventually went on to finish her Confirmation Championship).

She obtained her first Ridgeback "Comet" from Kimma in 19??. Since that time she has also acquired "Lancelot" from Kushinda. Over the years Karrie has learned just about everything vital to Kushinda operations. In a pinch, she is always there to fill in where needed and she makes a special point to attended at least one lure coursing event a year. She can answer most any question asked about dogs in general!

Mail Karrie at hefkar@cvn.net

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