Date: January 22, 1997 To: All House Members
From: Representative Pat Carone
Subject: Consumer Protection Legislation for Purchasing Dogs

Last session Senator Greenleaf's "puppy lemon bill" earned unanimous votes in the Senate and during the final days of the session the measure passed the House as an amendment to another bill with a vote of 197. However, none of the measures passed both houses. This session I am reintroducing the same legislation.

This legislation provides a modest guarantee to the purchaser of a puppy.

The buyer has 10 days to return the dog if it is diagnosed with, or dies from, a contagious or infectious disease, and 30 days to return the animal if the dog is diagnosed as having a congenital or hereditary defect; the purchaser can return the dog for a refund, return the dog for a replacement or keep the dog and receive veterinary fees not exceeding the purchase price.

A seller must provide a health record for the dog and a veterinarian's health certificate or the seller's guarantee of good health.

For a copy of the entire bill, please contact my office.

To co-sponsor, please call Linda Burns at 717-783-1707.

Rep. Pat Carone is a member of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, and represents Butler County.

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